Accidents can happen, and an occasional instance of bedwetting from a child is no reason for concern. When it is persistent and occurs several times a week, a treatment or cure needs to be found for the wellbeing of both the child and the parents.

Although less common in adults, bedwetting can still be a problem at any age.

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What causes Bedwetting?

There are several causes for bedwetting. One of the more common is the stress present in a person’s life may adversely affect them and cause them to involuntarily urinate while sleeping. In a child, this stress can develop from starting at school, or problems they face at school, for example being bullied.

Generally speaking, incontinence of any kind can be caused by problems related to the internal organs, the muscles, and the nerves that control and mange urination. For example, if the muscles are too weak, or the nerves are not sending the correct signals, urination may occur at the least convenient moment, possibly without the person being aware of the situation until it is already too late.

Bedwetting may also be linked to constipation as the hard waste trapped in the intestines can block nerve signals or cause pressure on other internal organs.

How is bedwetting treated?

With children, attempting to reduce stress levels may help. Management of bedwetting includes reducing the amount of drinks consumed before bedtime, offering rewards for
getting up in the night, and even using a bedwetting alarm which sounds an alert if a sensor gets wet.

If all else fails, bedwetting medication is available that reduces the amount of urine produced by the kidneys for a period of time, e.g. overnight.

What are the chiropractic treatments for bedwetting?

The problems that cause bedwetting can often be successfully treated with chiropractic therapies. Misalignments of the spine and muscles can cause weakness and can reduce the strength of the signal sent by the nerves.

Fixing these problems will enable the internal organs to function more effectively and will help to ensure that the signals get to the brain, so the patient wakes up when they need to urinate.

If massage therapy is used, the patient will become more relaxed and this may help alleviate the fears and stress they feel, again leading to an improvement in their bedwetting tendencies. These therapies can also aid constipation, treating another potential cause of bedwetting.

Baton Rouge Bedwetting Treatment

Chiropractic treatment for bedwetting is effective method for reducing the causes and symptoms of bedwetting in the patient. We will always make sure you know exactly what is involved before the treatment begins.

Every patient is unique, from children through to seniors, so we always tailor our treatment to the individual. This ensures comfort, positive results, and a positive experience for all involved. We believe that our natural chiropractic treatments will help you overcome your bedwetting problems without needing to resort to medication.

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