An ear infection can cause problems and pain at any age and is of particular concern for young children. Ear infections account for over a third of all visits to pediatricians and aren’t always easy to cure.
Among the solutions on offer are multiple courses of antibiotics and even surgical resolutions, a nightmare that any parent would want to avoid.

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Chiropractor Baton Rouge treatment of ear infection does not involve medication or surgery but has been shown to be an effective treatment in the majority of children and reduces reinfection rates greatly.

What causes Ear Infections?
Bacteria and other foreign bodies that become trapped in the ear can cause infections, as can viruses and other illnesses.As the throat, nose, and ears are all linked together internally, it is easy for an infection to spread. Such infections can cause swelling and redness and can be very painful at any age.

How are Ear Infections treated?
The cause of the infection is often treated with antibiotics (when the infection is bacterial) but more complex conditions may be referred for surgery.
The instance of reinfection is quite high, as the problem is treated, but not necessarily the cause. This also prevents the body from naturally fighting against the infection as the antibiotics or surgery will take over instead.

Chiropractic for Ear Infections
The ear has several natural defense systems, including ear wax and fluids. When these fluids cannot drain properly, the infection is left in place and cannot be taken away.
Further, a build up of wax or other fluid can trap bacteria that otherwise would have passed by.

The chiropractic treatment for infections includes a careful realignment of the neck to ensure that all drainage paths are clear and flow correctly. This helps alleviate the symptoms and gets rid of the infection quickly as the body can mobilize whatever is necessary to fight the infection, and the chance of reinfection is very low for the same reason.

It is a safe and effective treatment for a common ailment, and there is no need for any hospital visit. Ear infections don’t have to be a major problem if you treat them in the
correct manner.

Baton Rouge Chronic Ear Infection Treatment

Chiropractic treatment for chronic ear infections is an effective medication-free and surgeryfree method of reducing the causes and symptoms of such infections, including pain reduction. We always make sure you know exactly what is involved before the treatment begins, which is especially important when treating children.

All our patients are unique, and we’ll always create a treatment program specific to each individual patient. This helps to obtain positive results because when it comes to health, we know there’s no such thing as “one size fits all”.

We believe that it’s much better for your overall health to use natural chiropractic treatments instead of resorting to medication or surgery wherever possible.

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