When your baby is crying a lot without any obvious cause, this may be a case of colic. Colic can strike at any age but is most common in babies and can be difficult to treat effectively.

Colic is a severe pain in the abdomen which is caused by trapped gas or an obstruction in the intestines. A baby will often display discomfort by not only crying, but by also clenching their fists and tensing their abdominal muscles.

Colic Baton Rouge

Treatments for colic

Medication is available to treat colic and is effective in some cases. However, many parents feel that a more natural alternative may be suitable for their child, and chiropractic
treatment of colic in babies is well-known and has a documented positive effect.

Small chiropractic adjustments are made in a gentle and safe way, naturally restoring the correct alignment and function of the body.

How does Chiropractic Colic Treatment Work?

Any misalignment of the spine, no matter how small, can cause problems for the rest of the body. In particular, the transmission of pain signals can be affected (making pain feel significantly worse) and the digestive system can be impaired.

This impairment can affect gastric function, causing minor obstructions or increasing the tendency for gas to get trapped. By gently realigning the spine these problems can be
resolved and your baby will continue to grow and develop naturally, free from pain and with dramatically reduced symptoms of colic.

Is it safe?

We always work for the benefit of our patients, no matter how young or old, and we put their needs and comfort in first place. Chiropractic treatment will help your baby to feel better quickly and help them to relax too.

When your baby is comfortable and relaxed, you’ll feel much better too, as a crying baby is one of the triggers that is most likely to cause stress in adults. Our treatment helps baby and you too.

Our treatment is always caring and compassionate and will never hurt your baby. We have many years of experience in treating the very young, and our doctors are certified in multiple disciplines to ensure their safety and skill.

Getting Ready for Baton Rouge Colic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment for colic is effective method for reducing the causes and symptoms of colic in your baby. We take care of both baby and parents, and we’ll make sure you know exactly what is involved before the treatment begins.

Every patient is unique, even at an early age, so we always tailor our treatment to the individual. This ensures comfort, positive results, and a positive experience for all involved. We have a passion for working with young children and believe that natural treatments will help your baby recover from bouts of colic just as well – if not better – than using anti-gas medication.

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