Called To Chiropractic

Baton Rouge Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Nelson

Dr. Gregory Nelson

“My father was a chiropractor and I’m actually a 3rd generation chiropractor. It’s part of our family history,” says Dr. Nelson.

Dr. Nelson had planned to become an osteopathic surgeon, along with his cousin. But he decided that the hospital environment didn’t suit him and that healing with his hands was what God was calling him to do. Chiropractor Baton Rouge has allowed him to still pursue his passion for chiropractic each and everyday.

Helping people is what I love most about my job. Chiropractic gives me the opportunity to change people’s lives – mentally, physically and spiritually.”

A Simple Philosophy

Dr. Nelson believes it’s important to involve patients in the change they want to see in their own health. Medicine is designed to treat disease, not patients. So often people are looking for a pill. “When we talk with a patient about natural healing, or suggest they do some exercise or eat well, sometimes it’s hard for them to understand.”

Our philosophy is simple – without change, there is no change.

Learning From the Best

Dr. Nelson attended Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minneapolis / St Paul. He’s certified in Dry Needling and physical therapy, and is a member of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners in addition to his chiropractic license.

“The most influential part of my education was the fact that the doctors who taught me were awesome,” says Dr. Nelson. “They were so dedicated and enthusiastic that it really made an impact on me and my life.”

Passions Beyond Chiropractic

“We stay busy,” says Dr. Nelson. He owns 5 corporations including Ozark Chiropractic Clinic. His automotive, construction, windshield repair company, and mobile home park are all a part of providing social services and doing the work he’s called to do in helping others.

Dr. Nelson does enjoy fishing, golfing, and spending time at his second home in Pass Christian, Mississippi. But his true passion is helping to rebuild community and housing families.

Ask Dr. Nelson about his passion to help others at your next appointment. Call (225) 927-8160 today to schedule.