Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and it is usually something that the victims are unprepared for. From small bumps to larger wrecks, injuries sustained from auto accidents can be wide ranging and even life changing.

However, you may find that you want to minimize the size and effects of your injuries if there is minimal damage to your vehicle, but this can be a mistake – it has been proven that injuries caused in auto accidents that are “small” can be more significant than you imagine.

You may make a visit to the emergency room and because you have no broken bones, you’ll be told there are no problems. You may experience muscle spasms, but a prescription can take care of the pain in your lower back and neck.

However, this doesn’t take into account spinal biomechanics and the effect of soft tissue injuries. A chiropractor will look at all these factors and be able to recommend treatment to assist in your rehabilitation.

It doesn’t matter how small the incident was, we can help as we not only know how to treat your injuries, but we are also able to work with insurance companies and lawyers. This reduces the problems you’ll face on your way to being healthy again.

Auto accidents can cause problems including pain in your arms or hands even if they weren’t directly injured – this may be due to compressed nerves or even a neck injury. Muscle pain may not set in for several days, but the good news is that we can get you back to normal.

We’ll take a whole-body approach to your treatment, assessing the ways in which the different parts of the body work together, and devise a treatment plan individual to your needs.