Spinal Decompression

Man playing accordian

Gently drawing apart each joint like an accordion allows the spine to reset, and the pumping action enhances soft tissue nutrition and rehabilitation.

Chiropractor Baton Rouge has been performing spinal decompression services successfully in baton rouge for many years. Spinal decompression is often caused by one of the underlying forces in nature – gravity. Alternatively, spinal compression can be caused by trauma or even by a patient being overweight. Whatever the cause, the result is the same.

Between each spinal bone is a soft disc of material that separates the bones and prevents them from knocking together. Compression can cause these discs to shift out of place or, in the worst cases, split and allow the soft center of the disc to escape.

This can cause discomfort with the bones rubbing together, but more often can cause the nerves running up and down the back to be compressed by the disc, causing pain signals to fire even when they are unnecessary, and limiting the range of motion in other areas of the body due to this.

Spinal decompression allows herniated and degenerated disc to return to their proper positions and heal. The discs are constantly under pressure from gravity and the need to hold the weight of your body up. Spinal decompression stretches your back and relieves the pressure on the discs.

Using a specially designed table, we’ll stretch your back with a traction process. It’s a slow movement and so want cause pain or distress, and once stretched, we’ll allow your back to relax again. The process is repeated several times and can be very relaxing.

This lets the discs heal due to the reduction in pressure and the ability given for them to expel cellular waste. It also allows nourishment to reach the discs from the body, further enhancing the healing process.

Use of a decompression table will not solve every problem but it is very effective. Coupled with other forms of chiropractic care, spinal decompression can effectively reduce pain and help your back to heal more quickly and efficiently than otherwise possible.