Causes a stress headache and treatment naturally

Headaches can be felt in different places around your head, and one thing is common among all types of headaches – you’d rather get rid of it sooner than later. The exact location of the headache and the type of pain you feel help to diagnose what kind of headache you have.

Stress headaches are among the most common type of headaches to experience. Also known as tension headaches, you’ll feel a constant ache or dull pain on both sides of your head. It can feel as though a band has been wrapped around your head, crossing your forehead and covering your ears, all the way around to the back of your head.

In some cases, you’ll also experience the pain in your neck and shoulders.

What causes a stress headache?

90% of Americans suffer from headaches, but only around 5% of those headaches are caused by physical issues such as a reaction to food, loud noises, bright lights, etc. There is no clear factor that causes the other 95% of headaches, which means that stress headaches often come on without warning and are not easily avoided.

Stress headaches seem to be caused by a tightness or clenching of the muscles in and around the neck. This can be made worse by leading a sedentary lifestyle or by spending a lot of time at a desk using a computer – maintaining one physical position for an extended period of time can cause stiffness and tensing in the muscles of the upper back and neck – and even in the head and scalp.

This tension makes it more likely that you will suffer from a stress headache, although tolerance varies greatly from person to person.

How can a chiropractor relieve a stress headache?

Chiropractic care involves the manipulation of joints within the body, and careful manipulation of the neck and spine can relieve chronic neck pain. When the spine and neck are correctly aligned, the body naturally relaxes, and any stress or tension held in the shoulders or neck melts away.

This negates the major problem associated with stress headaches, wherein the shoulders and neck are constantly held in an unnatural position. Chiropractic treatment for headaches has repeatedly been shown to be effective as it tends to treat the cause of the issue without the use of painkillers.

Treat your stress headache naturally

While painkillers can reduce the feelings associated with stress headaches, they do not treat the cause. As soon as the effects of the drugs wear off, the pain quickly returns. By choosing a chiropractor to treat a stress headache, the cause is treated, and there are none of the side effects that may be associated with the use of painkillers.

The team at Ozark Chiropractic Clinic is always ready to provide tailor made treatment for every patient. Your healing is what matters to us, and we will create custom care plans to help you achieve your goals, including relieving stress headaches.

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