The ArthroStim™

ArthroStim® device

The ArthroStim® activates proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors without recruiting nocioceptors. In other words, it feels good and works great!

The ArthroStim is an adjusting instrument used to help provide chiropractor Baton Rouge the technology to adjust certain joints in the body. It can be used in place of a traditional thrust adjustment and may be preferable in certain cases.

Where a traditional thrust is a single motion made by hand, the ArthroStim delivers a series of taps which are given with the exact amount of energy required for the adjustment. This gives the optimal correction and can solve issues without the need to twist or “crack” joints.

This makes it a more pleasant and comfortable process for the patient.

Using a low beta somatomotor rhythm of 12 taps per second ensures that the patient does not have time to tense up to protect the area being adjusted – the protection is not necessary as it is a simple process, but it is the body’s natural reaction and adjustments are easier if it can be avoided.

As the ArthroStim is a handheld device, it allows flexibility in the way that adjustments are performed. It is well known that some problems respond to treatment in different positions, eg sitting or standing. Car accident injuries are particularly prone to this, and the ArthroStim makes treating these issues very simple.

Other problems require extremely precise amounts of force to adjust effectively. The precision needed to adjust shoulders, knees, TMJ problems, and other areas can be perfectly and skillfully applied with the ArthroStim.

Many patients report that the results the device produces are quick and dramatic, while the procedure is comfortable and completely non-invasive. It works well for all patients but is especially useful for infants and seniors.

As its name suggests, it is of use in reducing the problems associated with arthritis and can bring relief to patients quickly when needed.