Torticollis Baton Rouge

Torticollis is a condition that causes the head or neck to be positioned at an unusual angle. The name comes from the Latin words tortus and collum, meaning twisted and neck respectively. The condition is also known as “wry neck”.

Causes of Torticollis

In infants and children, torticollis is quite common, and is caused by muscles that have tightened on one side of the neck. This causes the head to tilt or rotate towards the
tightened muscles and can become painful.

In older children and adults, torticollis can be caused by compression of the nerve supply to the neck, infections, or the use of certain drugs. Shortened or weakened muscles may also play a role, as can muscles that go into spasm for no obvious reason.

At any age, the condition can cause a limited range of motion in the head and neck, as well as pained caused by overly tense muscles.

Treatment of Torticollis

Physical therapy can be recommended, and if no improvement is seen over the course of several weeks, surgery may be given as an option. The surgery is used to either release the muscles or relieve the pressure that is being applied to the nerves by another source.

Chiropractic Treatment for Torticollis

An imbalance in your body may cause muscles to tense or your posture may cause pressure to be applied to bundles of nerves. Either of these issues can lead to pain and the appearance of torticollis.

Using chiropractic techniques to properly align your neck and spine, the pressure will be relieved, and your muscles can relax and function the way they were intended to. This will allow the signals to travel along your nerves correctly and restore the range of motion in your head and neck as you would expect under normal circumstances.

Maintaining correct posture and keeping the pressure off of your nerve cells will reduce the chances of torticollis recurring, relieve pain within your body, and help you return to life as normal.

Baton Rouge Torticollis Treatment

The chiropractic treatment of torticollis is entirely natural and does not require the use of any medications or surgery.

When your posture is correct and your neck and spine properly aligned, no confused signals will be sent or received by your brain, and your muscles will not be overworked. It is often the overworking that causes spasms or excessive tensing.

Before we complete any procedure on you, we’ll make sure you understand what is involved in the treatment process so there are no surprises or other issues.

Every patient and their problems are unique, and so we treat every patient as an individual and always provide treatment that is appropriate for the condition.

Long lasting results are achieved through the use of chiropractic therapies, naturally and without invasive surgery.

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