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Our Zachary chiropractic clinic is a practice that can be trusted by local residents. We have the experience of delivering safe and effective treatment for many different conditions as our chiropractors— Dr. Mark Aucoin, Dr. Vanessa Aucoin, and Dr. Gregory Nelson — are skilled, highly trained, and certified in multiple therapeutic fields.

Our team will take care of you above all, acting in a compassionate way to prioritize your needs. Being in pain or uncomfortable is no way to live your life, so we want to get you back on track as quickly and safely as we can, whether you are suffering from headaches, joint pain, sports injuries or several other problems.

Our chiropractors will assist you in setting your wellness goals and developing a successful treatment program.

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At our facility, we have invested heavily in technology and are proud of our digital patient record system. There are computers throughout every room that enable us to update and maintain your records, keep your treatment on track, and make sure information is available at all times. We also offer chiropractor Baton Rouge services to residents.

We use an extremely sophisticated digital X-ray device that generates very clear pictures, allowing us to make medical choices based on the most precise and reliable data possible.

Our practice is fully equipped to handle insurance claims and electronic billing in the simplest manner possible, making everything easy for all our patients.

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We also provide additional facilities and treatments in addition to regular chiropractic procedures as all our chiropractors are competent and trained in other fields. Dr. Nelson and Dr. Mark will take care of you for auto and worker compensation injury cases, or medical examinations approved by DOT.

Dr. Vanessa will assist with her expert understanding for women and kids, including during pregnancy.

Other services we offer include deep tissue massage, cupping, dry needling, and sports massage.

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At Ozark Chiropractic Clinic, the people of Zachary matter to us, and we will always put your requirements and goals first. While working with you to achieve your wellness goals, we provide personalized care for each patient.

Discover more by visiting us at Ozark Chiropractic Clinic or call (225) 927-8160 today.